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Launched in February 2024 by Hugo H. Macedo, "It's the Strategy" caters to startup founders and tech executives with a keen focus on strategy, growth, and product marketing.

It intends to offer unique perspectives and insightful analysis and to cut through the clutter of the growth and marketing space. With a blend of opinion pieces, in-depth analyses, and definitions of fundamental concepts, it strives to be an essential resource for driven entrepreneurs and executive teams.

What's in the name

In 1992, "It's the economy, stupid" became the rallying cry of the Bill Clinton presidential campaign. It highlighted the importance of the economy on voters’ decisions. It was a call to go back to basics, to the fundamentals, clarifying a stance and a direction.

That inspired the "It's the strategy, stupid" article. When that title got promoted to blog name I decided to drop the "stupid" – I guess, I never felt comfortable cursing and I was afraid that people would take it personally.

Although the blog is not only about strategy, I believe that the root cause of many company growth challenges can be traced back to strategy – lack of, difuss or overall weak strategy.

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